Events Dear Boy: The Chamberlain Files’ political diary

Send details of your political events for a FREE listing to .

There’s a lot going on in the murky world of politics in Birmingham and the West Midlands at the moment, with mayoral debates coming along in waves like so many Number 11 buses.

How do you ensure you fit in these august gatherings with your weekly Question Time commitment, not to mention your seventh viewing of the West Wing Series Three?

Panic not, for Mr Chamberlain has ordered the creation of a politcal events diary named ‘Events, Dear Boy’ in honour of Mr Macmillan.

The calendar is presented below, and will always be in the sidebar you see on your right.

If you have an event to publicise, no brown paper envelopes are required as this is a free service. Simply post details of your event as a comment in this story, or tweet Mr Chamberlain @chamberlainfile , and a minion will ensure your event gets the prominence it deserves.


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