Mike Olley: Police commissioner poster boy?

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Channel Four’s political editor Michael Crick raises some questions in his blog about the provenance of the digital posters to be seen around Birmingham bearing the image of Police Commissioner hopeful Mike Olley.

Crick wonders if the posters, which plug Olley’s column in the Birmingham Mail, might fall foul of electoral regulations that govern campaign expenses by PCC candidates?

He says:

Mike Olley says he doesn’t know how much the Birmingham Mail paid Scarlet Motion for the digital posters – or whether they paid them anything at all.  And Mr Olley admits he doesn’t know whether any other Mail columnists are advertised in this way. I have put in a call to the Mail for their version of events, and sent them an email.

But in a further update to the post, Crick reports:

The first thing the newspaper knew about the digital posters was when they saw them on the screens around the city.  I was told that when somebody from the newspaper’s accounts department saw the posters they even queried the cost internally.  The accounts person was reassured by the marketing department that the cost was not being met by the paper in any way.

But Mr Olley has denied he paid for the posters.

Read Crick’s post in full here.

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2 Comments on “Mike Olley: Police commissioner poster boy?”

  1. I would say yes. I have worked with both Olley and John at Scarlett Media, both are good friends. I see it as just giving a friend a favour.

  2. Imran khan says:

    How interesting, Are Scarlett Media Mr Olleys benefactors!
    I think not!
    Very interesting no other candidates for this position yet!
    Labour stitch up!
    I watch with interest

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