What can a mayor do for Birmingham? An academic writes…

The head of Birmingham’s Institute for Local Governmnet Studies (INLOGOV), Catherine Staite, gives a calm assessment of the evidence for what a mayor can achieve.

She observes:

Might it be better to focus attention on the local, regional and national barriers to achievement in Birmingham and the West Midlands and tackle them collectively, rather than expecting the mayor to overcome them alone by heroism and enormous force of personality? It’s a big ask.

Questions answered: an elected mayor for Birmingham | Local government network | Guardian Professional.

One Comment on “What can a mayor do for Birmingham? An academic writes…”

  1. Bob says:

    Absolutely spot on! A truly wonderful piece which demonstrates that good leadership is good, and poor leadership is poor, and the process by which good or bad leaders are elected is totally and utterly irrelevant!

    Now, ‘No’ campaigners, stop this nonsense about Hitler and Dictators, and get your heads around this. Point out to the electorate that the referendum and any subsequent elections are a pure waste of time and money which could be better concentrated on improving the services the public pay for!

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