There’s another election going on, you know. Solihull’s Joe Tildesley tells Top of the Cops why he wants to be the Tory candidate for West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

  • To increase the number of Police officers actually deployed on an operational basis. I will work towards the early return of the recruitment of Police officers, whilst ensuring that within the bounds of legislation both Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers play a full part in cutting crime.
  • To maintain a sustained reduction in the overall crime level across all communities and every part of the West Midlands. That can only be achieved by ensuring that we have the highest quality staff, well motivated, with officers prepared to daily ‘work and patrol with purpose’.
  • As well as fulfilling my statutory commitments to the Police and Crime Panel, I will establish formal communications with all seven Metropolitan Borough areas in the West Midlands. I will listen and respond to the concerns of communities and residents groups. I pledge to be a visible…

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