Electoral Commission asked to rule on poster that compares mayors to Hitler

Campaigners against an elected mayor for Birmingham may face an Electoral Commission enquiry after criticism of a leaflet that equates the mayoral role with that of fascist dictators.

The leaflet, adorned with an image of a Birmingham street after a German bombing raid in the second world war, says: ‘Brummies have always fought back against disctators. Don’t elect one – vote no!”

Roger Godsiff MP, who leads the ‘Vote No to an Elected Power Freak’ campaign with fellow MP John Hemming, was unapologetic, telling the BBC: Read the rest of this entry »

Cross-party veterans line up to oppose elected mayor for Birmingham

Roger Godsiff

Image by Dubber via Flickr

LIB-DEM MP John Hemming, Labour counterpart Roger Godsiff (pictured) and veteran Tory councillor James Hutchings have finally launched their campaign to oppose the introduction of an elected mayor for the city.

Robustly named ‘Vote no to a power freak’, the campaign has launched a website of the same name, which promises to press the case in a series of articles.

The first article argues that Birmingham’s one million citizens need to be served by a number of elected representatives rather than a single mayor. It states:

The City of Birmingham has around a million people living in it (including children). An important part of politics is to listen to people between elections. Councillors and Members of Parliament have advice bureaux at which people can come and raises issues that concern them and get answers.

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